Our Story

We began a blog together in 2019, with the original intention of just getting our voices out there. But as we wrote together, we realized that there were two dominant themes that we were both passionate about–helping educators thrive and advocating for change in an outdated educational system. And so we rebranded, becoming the Modern Teacher Collective, where our mission is to help provide the support and community educators need to thrive in this profession.

Together, if we stand strong and raise our voices loud enough, we can affect great change.

Hi, my name is Cheylyn.

I never thought I would be a teacher. In fact, I was adamantly opposed to teaching for years. But, life has an ironic way of working out and here I am.

If I’m not writing or teaching, I’m raising a fierce little female, baking, staying active, reading a good book, or binge watching shows on Netflix.

Hey there! I’m Bridget.

I think I’ve been a teacher the entirety of my life. From lining up my stuffed animals and Barbies to do read alouds, to teaching secondary students to raise their voices, to coaching teachers on the power of authentic literacy, education has been my life’s breath for as long as I can remember.

Along with being a teacher, I am a mother, a wife, a book lover, a coffee drinker, and a shameless watcher of all things ‘true crime. ‘

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