Living Intentionally

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

My eye has been twitching for a week now. Today, the twitch switched eyes, which I find unsettling. I’ve decided this is probably my crazy trying to escape the tight lid I’ve fitted over it…so far, I’m winning…

As I try to stay sane in my day-to-day, to keep that lid air tight, I’ve been really conscious about how I’m spending my time. I know how easy it would be to slip into a slump that is really hard to crawl out of. A little eye twitch I can handle. Wanting to spend days in bed with nothing but Netflix and junk food? Yeah, that’s no so easy to spring back from. Which is why it’s really important that I’m intentional with how I spend my time.

I began thinking about writing this post last week during a workout. In the middle of my (remote) spin class, my instructor declared passionately that we should stop trying to be enough, because we are enough. This is a sentiment I’ve heard before, but in that moment, it really hit home. And I was so glad I had taken twenty minutes to get on my bike and take care of my health, both mental and physical.

It’s so important to pay attention to how you spend your time. Often, we sink into behaviors that are bad for us because they seem easier…and we don’t even notice we’re doing it. Indulging in negative self talk feels more natural than thanking our bodies for all they can do. Eating take out is so much easier than cooking nutritious meals from scratch. Working out takes time and really, who has that (never mind that hour you’re going to spend on TikTok). We conveniently come up with a lot of excuses for negative behaviors. I mean, it’s so easy to do, right?

Now I would like to take a moment and clarify something. Being intentional with your time does not mean that you don’t take time for yourself. You can be intentional and still binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. If that is what you do for your own mental health, then do what you need to do. I’m also not talking about trying to do anything other than survive if you’re one of the many who has been closely impacted by this illness. That is an extenuating circumstance, and you just need to focus on making sure you and your family are well.

What I’m talking about is cutting out “wasted time”, i.e. time spent on things that are not serving you in any way. Let go of the excuses you are holding on to that keep you from doing what you know will improve your life. Stop standing in your own way.

Your time is precious. And when you waste it on activities, people, food, etc. that make you feel terrible about yourself and/or your life, then you are telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. And, just like my spin instructor, I’m going to tell you that’s bullshit. You are enough. Tell yourself that often enough, and eventually you’re going to start hearing the truth in it. Be intentional, not only with your time, but with the way you’re speaking to yourself.

We spend a lot of time boosting the confidence of the people around us. Our kids, our students, our partners. But when was the last time we focused on our own self worth?

Sure, things are shitty right now. The uncertainties floating around are too numerous to count. It’s so easy to allow fear and negativity take control of your life, especially now.

Keep a healthy dose of that fear, but put a lid on the rest. Instead, focus your energy on the positive things in your life and spend your time nurturing those. Because while there are a lot of negatives out there right now, there are also a lot of positives. We have more time with our families, we have more time to slow down and really enjoy our time, it’s Spring and the Earth is waking up. I literally walked out my door a few days ago to see bees buzzing, hear birds singing, and feel the breeze playing on my skin. It was magic.

My eye is still twitching, reminding me that all is not right in the world. I could succumb to the fear/panic that is probably causing it. Or, I could spend the next few minutes with my daughter, doing yoga together before tucking her safely in bed, then indulging in some much needed “me” time. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to do something that nurtures your soul and helps you find some positivity in all this mess.

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