To Teach or Not to Teach…

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In the short time I’ve been a part of this profession, there is something that keeps coming up that concerns me. And that is the number of teachers that leave the profession after only five years or less in the classroom.

As a professional, this raises many questions. And as a mother, it raises many concerns. Why is it that so many educators, after so short a time, leave the classroom?

So far, the answers seem to fall into one of these categories:

  • Teachers don’t make enough money
  • The demands of the job outweigh the rewards
  • There isn’t enough support for teachers, from the community, administration, or even on the government level

A lot of good teachers are ditching the profession for something else. It’s something I’ve considered doing (after only one year in the classroom). It’s something Bridget has also considered (after a decade in the public school system). I’m sure it’s something that has crossed many of your minds. And my question is…why?

Yes, I know I listed the categories above. But I want to hear from you. I’m doing something here that we’ve never asked you guys to do before. I’m attaching a Google form in the hopes that you will fill it out with your own personal reasons for leaving the profession. Or maybe you’ve decided to stay, but there are some things you think would make your job and your life run more smoothly. The bottom line is, I want to know what is missing from the profession that makes so many people leave/consider leaving.

I really hope you take the time to fill out this research survey. This research is essential to a couple of things I have in the works, and I can’t do it without you!

I want you to know you have a space to voice your concerns. Your reasons are being heard. Someone is here to listen.


**Here is the link to the Google Form. If you are an educator, past or present, I strongly encourage you to fill it out!

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