When the students are gone…

The end of the year is finally here.

I can tell you, this has been quite the interesting introduction to teaching. I can also tell you that there were days when it felt like the end could not come fast enough. I’ve written to you guys about the dread I felt on day 1 at the idea of facing the 179 subsequent days that would follow. But I made it. I survived year one.

Today is the last day of school, and it’s bittersweet. Since five out of my six classes were seniors, tonight’s graduation marks the last time I will see many of these faces. For them, it’s a beginning–there is so much that they have to look forward to, so many parts of their lives waiting to unfold before them. I admire the potential that lies stretched in front of those young adults. They face a future of possibility. I could not be more happy for them.

Over the course of this year, I’ve come to know many of these kids. I can tell you that there are some I will be glad to see go. I can tell you there are some I am sad to see leave. And I can honestly say that they have all made an impact in my life.

You see, I’ve learned a lot this year. I would argue I learned more from them than they learned from me. They reminded me what it is to be a teenager. They showed me that people will surprise you when you let them. And they prepared me for next year so that I have some inkling of what’s to come.

In honor of my first students, at the end of this, my first year of teaching, I wanted to take a moment to express gratitude for all the lessons learned in my classroom this year, both by my students and myself.

Congratulations, Class of 2019. Now go out and change the world!


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