Feminist Friday: A Tribute to Amy Sherman-Palladino

The time has come for us to honor our last Feminist Friday of women's history month. We both wanted to provide you with something fresh, something spectacular, something that would celebrate womanhood and feminism in all its glory. The pressure was on. And friends, I think we managed to come up with something pretty spectacular...a [...]

Teacher Thoughts…

The Power of Educator Authenticity I was scrolling through my emails this morning, and I just came across an email a student sent me almost ten days ago. In the email, he referenced the following class day: Class had just begun and students were writing in their journals...I can't remember the topic. Out of the [...]

Feminist Friday: Using YA Lit to Tackle Controversial Topics in the Classroom

"Mrs. Brown, will you debate with me (about abortion)?" "Mrs. Brown, do you believe in God?" "Mrs. Brown, teach us about your views on feminism." "Mrs. Brown, what are your thoughts on The Wall?" "Mrs. Brown, how do you feel about Trump?" I've heard every one of these questions over the course of this year. [...]