Guest Post: “I’m Good with That”

Warning. Long, sappy, drawn out post ahead. Turn back now if you must.

So, going to work after a long weekend is always hard, but let me just tell you how today went after I expected a doozie of a Tuesday/Monday:

I welcomed 17 kids in with a hug and high fives, admiration of new shoes, and gave “ooohhs and aahhhs ” over hair bows with glitter that matched the new backpacks. They unloaded their stuff without reminders, and they sat at their desk and used dry erase markers on the table (with my permission) to practice writing their names as the Bell Ringer before announcements.

Guess what? ALL 17 KIDS WROTE THEIR NAME, UNASSISTED. That is a HUGE ordeal.

Later on in the morning, we used scissors and they ALL remembered the rules without me reminding them constantly. No one got cut, no crayons were decapitated, and we remembered to point our scissors OUT, not towards ourselves or a friend.

Flash forward to this afternoon. 4 out of the 7 kids I had count for me during small group counted to 100 and were able to write their name on my 100 club poster for the hallway! (The other 3 were SO close).

No one ran in the hallway.

Everyone finished their work and got to move on to the “fun stuff” in learning centers.

Everyone took a nap, even with crummy weather/no outdoor recess.


God is good. He knew I was struggling, counting down the days until spring break already. He knew that I needed to see the small joys in a job that I love, but take for granted sometimes.

Today I remembered what I’m here for.

I’m here to get freakishly excited at my kids writing their name on their own. To take a picture of each one and their work because they are so proud!

I’m here to sit in the hallway criss-cross applesauce beside a student and pat my knees along with them while they count as high as they possibly can.

I’m here to cheer a student on when the letters and sounds that we have been working on this year finally ‘click’ with them. I’m here to do the silly hand motions right along with them to help with remembering.

I’m here to admire the new awesome shoes, listen to weekend adventures, and stories of pets…even during a lesson that NONE of the above pertains to.

And I’m good with that. 

My name is Dee Anna Gray. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, and I am the mother of a passionate, eye-rolling teenage daughter and strong-willed, sports fanatic son. I am a public Pre-Kindergarten teacher with the dream of making my students’ first ever school experience amazing and instilling in them the love for learning at an early age! I love spending time with my family and friends, spending summers at the lake, curling up with a good book, and all things Dallas Cowboys.

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