YA Lit Next List

There are two problems that dominate my reading life in alternate phases. One is when I have so many things I want to read that I feel I will never get through them all, and two is when I am struck by the desire to read but I have no idea what to pick up next. Of them, I definitely prefer the former, but sadly, I am often struck by the latter. So, I thought I would begin sharing my Next Lists, to help those of you who might be struggling to find that next amazing book.

YA Lit used to be my genre of choice. But, as I grew older and my tastes changed, I began to gravitate more toward literary fiction. Which means I’ve fallen out of touch with what today’s YA Lit looks like.

Now that I’m teaching high school students, I’m returning to the world of young adult fiction so that I can be better informed when making book recommendations to my students. I’m not going to lie, it feels like returning to a long lost friend…

One of the things I love about YA right now is the emphasis on diversity. As you can see by my titles, I’m all about reading stories from various cultures and perspectives. I think it’s especially important for my students to read diversely–our school is located in a very insular community, and people tend to make assumptions about cultures they know nothing about. I want my kids to formulate their own opinions after seeking and gaining their own knowledge about topics such as religion, culture, sexual orientation, etc.

So here it is, my Next List for YA Lit, Spring 2019. They are listed in no particular order:

  • Internment by Samira Ahmed
  • The Astonishing Color of After by Emily X.R. Pan
  • Darius the Great is not Okay by Adib Khorram
  • Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
  • Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu

It’s short and sweet, but these are titles I have repeatedly come across, and they all have fantastic recommendations. If you know of any titles I should add to my list, please leave them in the comments below.

Also, If you would like Bridget and I to review one of these books or others, let us know! We are always looking for recommendations.

Happy Reading!


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