Just another #loserteacher here…

Oh! Hi there, DJ.

Welcome to my class. You are in for a real treat today! I am taking a break from indoctrinating today’s youth (Darn–now I have to shift my lesson plans) to have a conversation with you about loser teachers.

Why don’t you pull up a desk?

Yes, I am serious. Even despite your poor behavior, you have a place in this room. You see–in this class, everyone is welcome, no matter their background or opinions or biases. No matter their race, sexuality, or gender, they have a place at my table. Always.

That’s what loser teachers do.

We teach students to read and write critically. We teach students to fall in love with books and people. We give our students space to talk. We teach them empathy and tolerance of others and love of themselves. We help close opportunity gaps so that the sting of poverty and violence doesn’t continue in future generations. We teach them that even though learning is hard, it is worth it. We teach everything from friendship to physics. We read with them and write beside them and talk to them and love them. We pray for them when they leave for the summer because we don’t know if they’re going to be loved and prayed for at home.

We help mend the cracks of their broken homes. We fill their brains with knowledge, their hearts with compassion, and–often–their stomachs with food. We warm students with words and coats. We help them raise their voices and their standards. We ask them to be critical of texts but kind to others.

Most importantly, we protect them from indoctrination by teaching them to think for themselves.

What do you do?

That time a group of 8th graders threw their loser teacher a birthday party before the school day started.

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